Team Members

Prasad Mehta

Co-Founder, COO, Loves to Cook, Eats anything edible, Plays Piano

A food enthusiast himself, Prasad started his career with The Lunch Box Factory in 2011, which was quite talk of the town in corporate world as it was one of the 1st ventures to provide professional online food delivery services to working individuals and top MNCs. After 6 years of experience behind the kitchen and logistics, he then ventured in restaurant business to continue his culinary journey and started NPM Foods LLP in August 2015 and started working towards his brainchild idea, now a reality, Uncafe.

Nilesh Shah

Co-Founder,Total Foodie, Excellent technical skills, Good at Math, Very Jolly, Can read minds

A complete foodie and a sharp businessmen, Nilesh Shah ventured in to fulfill his dreams of owning a restaurant after making a very reputable and known name in Rubber business. With his business experience, the approach towards the business project became very holistic and better. His experience plays a vital role in making Uncafe successful.

Manisha Parekh/ Ravi Parekh

Co-founders, Very gullible, Excellent business persons, Absolutely Amazing People

Manisha plays a very crucial role in NPM Foods, apart from being a housewife, she has invested in this idea and thus helping the company form in what it is today. Along with her husband and best friend of Nilesh Shah, Ravi Parekh is also a successful businessman and from same field as Nilesh Shah.